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USMC Community Lead

The lead organization for acquisition M&S in the Marine Corps is Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC). Within MCSC, Systems Engineering, Interoperability, Architectures & Technology (SIAT) acts as the focal point for M&S coordination and represents acquisition M&S on the Marine Corps M&S IPT and at the OSD level at the Acquisition Modeling and Simulation Working Group (AMSWG). SIAT M&S branch provides trade-space exploration and decision support tools for acquisition programs. The Framework for Assessment of Cost and Technology (FACT) is the process through which M&S support is provided to program managers.

DoD Community

The DoD Acquisition M&S Community is lead by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L), Software & Systems Engineering (SSE). This community’s senior forum is the Systems Engineering (SE) Forum. From the Marine Corps the MCSC Chief Engineer sits on the SE Forum. The DoD acquisition M&S action officer level forum is the Acquisition Modeling & Simulation Working Group (AMSWG) led by SSE. SIAT, MCSC provides representation to the AMSWG.

USMC Community Lead

In accordance with MCO 5200.28 Marine Corps Modeling & Simulation Management: "The Director, Operations Analysis Directorate (OAD), MCCDC shall be the community lead for Analysis M&S."  OAD acts as the focal point for analysis M&S coordination and represents analysis on the Marine Corps M&S IPT. As such the MC M&S analysis community IPT representative seeks feedback from across the community to include OAD, P&R PA&E and I&L Divisions on topics relevant to analyses to ensure USMC interests and equities are adequately addressed within the DoD Analysis Community and the DoD M&S Community.

The Operations Analysis Directorate (OAD) is the Marine Corps' focal point for operations research, analytic support and studies management. It provides critical support to the operating forces and the Expeditionary Force Development System by blending a comprehensive understanding of military operations with advanced analytic and decision-making tools, to include a wide range of computer-based models and combat simulations.

The Programs and Resources (P&R) Department is the principal staff agency responsible to the Commandant of the Marine Corps for developing and defending the Marine Corps financial requirements, policies, and programs. Program Assessment & Evaluation (PA&E) will provide independent, resource informed, enterprise wide decision support to USMC senior leadership to align DOD and USMC strategic objectives with CMC Title 10 responsibilities.

The Installations and Logistics (I&L) Department is the principle staff agency responsible to the Commandant of the Marine Corps for developing and defending the Marine Corps installations and logistics requirements, policies, and programs. Logistics Operations Analysis Branch (LX) is responsible to DC I&L for the identification, development, prioritization, induction, performance and governance of installations and logistics operations analysis that support I&L Department decision making.

DoD Community

The Analysis Community invests in M&S tools, data, and services and is currently maintaining M&S activities that relate to DoD challenges in IW, Stability, Security, Transition and Reconstitution; IO, and Cyber-warfare; Deterence; and Human, Social Cultural Behavior.

Although services maintain a continued vested interest in campaign analysis, OSD CAPE no longer plans to develop/include campaign level simulation and associated databases (ie STORM output) as part of future-year SSA (Support for Strategic Analysis) baseline products.

M&S Visibility

Analysis community M&S services, tools and data are posted on the JDS website M&S Tools Registry (CAC required).

USMC Community Lead

The lead organization for training M&S in the Marine Corps is Training and Education Command(TECOM). Within TECOM the MAGTF Training Simulation Branch (MTSB) acts as the focal point for M&S coordination. MTSB represents training M&S on the Marine Corps M&S IPT.

MTSB identifies, develops, and coordinates the integration of MAGTF training M&S requirements and sponsors ground virtual and constructive training simulations in order to provide accredited training systems to the Total Force. MTSB is the resource sponsor and capability developer for training devices and training simulations. MTSB’s acquisition partner is Program Manager Training Systems (PM TRASYS), MCSC, located in Orlando, FL.

DoD Community

The DoD Training M&S Community is lead by DoD Personnel and Readiness (P&R). The Training Community’s Executive Steering Group and Senior Advisory Group oversee the development and execution of training transformation. Their oversight purview includes the resolution of training issues, all training M&S activities and capabilities, and the allocation, transfer, and execution of all training resources. The Training Transformation Joint Integrated Process Team is the primary forum for providing input to the Executive Steering Committee and Senior Advisory Group and provides other Services in response to their guidance. The Joint Integrated Process Team is chaired by the Director, Readiness and Training Policy and Programs. From the Marine Corps, TECOM provides representation at the executive leadership forums, and MTSB, TECOM provides representation at the Joint IPT forum.

Experiment Division plans and executes experiments based on strategic leader guidance, approved operational concepts, and ideas coming from Marines in the operating forces.  In addition, we learn from every experiment we conduct and aggressively incorporate those lessons in shaping future events.  We do not validate concepts; we assess them, identify capability gaps, and ideally modify some of the concept’s precepts.  Experiment Division understands that change is inevitable. This is especially true for warfighting, as new tactics, techniques and procedures must be melded with innovative technologies to give our Marines an asymmetric advantage in their role as the Combatant Commanders’ force of choice for future immediate response operations throughout the world.

Experiments take multiple forms and use a combination of methods to come to a conclusion.  These include seminars, war games, modeling, simulation, technical assessments, and ultimately live-force operations.  With larger, more encompassing concepts, a series of limited objective experiments is used to examine specific aspects of a designated concept(s), often times culminating in what we call an Advanced Warfighting Experiment that ties together the result of previous years’ experimentation in a single large scale event.