The Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration (DC, CD&I) serves as the Marine Corps Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Lead.  DC, CD&I also serves as the senior Marine representative on M&S issues affecting the Department of the Navy, the Joint Staff, and other Department of Defense entities.

Marine Corps Order 5200.28A provides the policy and procedural guidance on Marine Corps M&S and directs the establishment of Marine Corps M&S Office (MCMSO) to serve as the action arm for DC, CD&I efforts involving M&S.  MCMSO provides central coordination of Marine Corps Modeling and Simulation to support collaboration, interoperability, commonality and reuse of Marine Corps M&S tools, data and services.

MCMSO serves as the Marine Corps single point of contact on all Marine Corps modeling and simulation matters, and for coordination with the other Services, DoD, Joint Staff, and other agencies' M&S organizations.  MCMSO supports its mission through leading the USMC M&S Integrated Process Team (IPT), individual coordination with Marine Corps activities utilizing M&S and representing the Marine Corps in DoD M&S IPT

As stated in the MCO 5200.28A, the M&S communities are acquisition, analysis, training, and experimentation:


Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC)


 Operations Analysis Directorate (OAD), MCCDC


 Training & Education Command (TECOM)


The Marine Corps M&S IPT is the action arm for Marine Corps M&S, and it focuses on tasks such as: 
  • Foster widely-needed M&S capabilities beyond the reach of individual programs.
  • Improve collaboration of Marine Corps M&S communities.
  • Empower Marine Corps M&S community leads by removing system obstacles identifying new options for approaching tasks, and helping support widely-shared needs.
  • Increase the interoperability, commonality, and reuse of M&S tools, data, and services.

MCMSO is supported by a Marine Corps M&S Integrated Process Team (IPT). The IPT is formed from the Marine Corps community leads, as defined above, who shall manage M&S in their community.

The mission of the Marine Corps IPT is to work to increase collaboration and effectiveness of Marine Corps M&S through improved interoperability, commonality, and reuse of M&S tools, data, and services. The IPT will also support MCMSO in this same mission and in MCMSO’s work with other services and DoD communities enabled by M&S.

Additional members from Marine Corps organizations using M&S in support of their missions are encouraged and welcome to attend M&S IPTs, participate in M&S issue discussion and present briefs on their M&S utilization. While additional members are not voting members they can request their opinions be attached to any Marine Corps M&S IPT recommendations.


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