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About Joint & External Analysis
The Joint and External Analysis (JEA) branch engages in joint and external studies/analyses to represent and protect Marine Corps equities. The branch:
  • Provides Marine Corps analysis in Support for Strategic Analysis (SSA) process.
  • Ensures USMC capabilities are properly represented in joint strategic analysis products. Provides critical review of OSD and Joint Staff studies and issuances
    • Coordinate and vet USMC data.
    • Conduct campaign modeling/simulations and analysis.
    • Support scenario and CONOPS development.
  • Maintain working relationships with counterparts in other Services, COCOMs, OSD and the Joint Staff.
  • Work with Navy counterparts in conducting Naval analyses.
  • Brief leadership on strategic analysis.
  • Conduct studies in support of the Marine Corps Studies System.
  • Conduct studies and analyses to inform the Marine Corps on issues related to strategic analysis.

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