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Small Wars Discussion Group 

"The way in which the war is won decides how long the peace will last. Ultimately it is the people who decide; and shortcuts may do more harm than good."
- Richard L. Clutterbuck, "The Long, Long War: Counterinsurgency in Malaya and Vietnam"

About the SWDG


The Small Wars Discussion Group (SWDG) was started in October 2005 by then Captains Margolis and Schneider. The objective was simple, to provide an informal weekly Small Wars Professional Military Education (PME) opportunity that would take advantage of the wealth of new material on the theory and debate about the topic due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The discussion group continued with Major Barry leading until the summer of 2007 when rotations ended meeting in person but the group continued to pass information by email. The Small Wars Discussion Group, Version 2.0, began meeting in-person again in October 2009.


The SWDG meets on a weekly basis at MCB Quantico, General Raymond G. Davis Center, OAD's conference (room #127) on Thursdays between 1130-1245. The Center for Irregular Warfare, Bldg 2300A, hosts the group on occasion.  

Weekly Template

  1. Book/Magazine/Newspaper topic
  2. Small Wars Theory
  3. Analysis in Small Wars

Rules of Engagement

  1. Pizza (or brown bag)
  2. Semi-formal PME discussion on Small War theory and analysis
  3. Guided Discussion Format
  4. Discussion Lead for the week picks the topic
  5. If you have time to read the topic, great, if not – come anyway
  6. If Power Point is used, that person buys the pizza
  7. Come and go as required – it is informal
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