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types of concepts

Strategic Concept:

  • Defines the role of the Service
  • A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower
  • Expeditionary Force 21
  • Chapter 1, MCDP 1-0, Marine Corps Operations

Operations / Operating Concept:

  • Describes how, when, and where the Service will fulfill its strategic concept
  • Provides sufficient detail to extrapolate requisite capabilities
  • Naval Operations Concept  2010 (NOC 10)

Concepts of Operation (CONOPS):

  • Apply operations/operating concepts against specific scenarios
  • Basis for wargaming, experimentation, and assessment
  • Used to inform capability and capacity investment decisions

Enabling and Functional Concepts:

  • Provide increased level of detail to drive specific DOTMLPF changes
  • Describe how key activities, operations, or warfighting functions will be accomplished

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