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Concepts 101

Webster definition: concept—n. 1. A general idea or understanding, esp. one derived from specific instances or occurrences. 2. A notion or thought.

Concept (idea) generation is unbounded by organization—may be “top down” or “bottom up.”

Initial ideas are developed through seminars, wargaming & experimentation, as appropriate.

Ideas considered to have merit are eventually formalized into a published Service, naval, multi-Service, or joint concepts & further examined through wargaming, experimentation, & exercises.

Concept Branch:

  • Is usually in a supporting role during initial idea development;
  • Is in a supported role during formal concept development;
  • Major exception: The integration divisions within CDD or other USMC organizations with functional expertise normally produce or participate in the development of functional concepts, with reviews by Concepts Branch to ensure accuracy of context and references;
  • Is usually in a supporting role during the examination of published concepts.
  • Works closely with Doctrine Control Branch in transitioning ideas into doctrine.

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