What we do

Combat Development and Integration (CD&I) is the institutional and intellectual epicenter for the evolution of the Marine Corps. We prepare the Marine Corps for what lays ahead through identifying and facilitating the fielding of Marine Corps warfighting capabilities to using units as expeditiously as possible.

We assess the environment, develop and validate concepts, identify capabilities, and develop solutions to ensure Marine Corps operating forces have the necessary capabilities to remain the world's foremost expeditionary warfighting organization.

Our focus is to develop future operational concepts and determine how to best organize and equip the Marine Corps of the future. Whether developing solutions with the other services, championing urgent needs from the field, or experimenting with new tactics and technology, we never lose sight of the fact that our Marines deserve the best capabilities available.

We inform, address and develop solutions on a broad range of critical issues for senior leadership at the highest levels of Marine Corps and the Department of Defense.