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The Maritime Expeditionary Warfare Annual Report provides Navy and Marine Corps capability developers, program managers, operational planners and warfighters an overview of key programs managed and monitored by the Maritime Expeditionary Warfare Integration Division MExID, Capabilities Development Directorate, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Combat Development and Integration. 

The Report also provides a list of required capabilities for the Afloat MAGTF to effectively operate in the seabase and to extend naval power ashore through to conduct naval expeditionary maneuver warfare.


The Deputy Commandant for Combat Development and Integration (DC, CD&I) is the Marine Corps Seabasing Advocate. As such, DC, CD&I identifies seabasing required capabilities, deficiencies, issues, and solutions and advances them through various HQMC, Department of the Navy, Joint Staff and Department of Defense processes. Seabasing Integration Division (SID) is the staff organization within CD&I that advises and assists DC, CD&I on seabasing matters. 

DC, CD&I chartered the Seabasing Operational Advisory Group (SOAG) to solicit input from the operating forces on seabasing capabilities, gaps, solutions and the integration of emerging concepts and capabilities.  The SOAG is managed by SID and meets quarterly to consistently and deliberately develop and deliver the most effective seabasing solutions. The outcomes and lessons learned from testing, modeling, analysis, demonstrations, war games, exercises, and operations are collated into Seabasing Capabilities Objectives. These objectives are necessary to enhance the afloat MAGTF’s capabilities and capacities to conduct naval expeditionary maneuver warfare.

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