Small Wars Center and Irregular Warfare Integration Division (SWC/IWID)


Small Wars Center and Irregular Warfare Integration Division (SWC/IWID)

Capabilities Development Directorate DC,CD&I

Quantico, VA.
Small Wars Center and Irregular Warfare Integration Division
SWC/IWID Mission

SWC/IWID identifies, coordinates, and integrates Irregular Warfare, Information Operations (IO), Civil Affairs (CA), Public Affairs (PA), Combat Camera (COMCAM) capability development initiatives across DOTMLPF within the Marine Corps in order to enhance Service capabilities and capacities to conduct operations against irregular, hybrid or conventional adversaries. In this role it advises leadership, influences policy, assists in identifying training and education IW gaps and requirements, assesses service capabilities to conduct IW, maintains an IW Community of Interest, and represents the service in all aspects of IW.


To institutionalize and strengthen IW and related capabilities across the operational spectrum with particular emphasis on small wars and irregular warfare operational challenges. SWCIWID will do so primarily by coordinating and supporting improvement and integration of IW activities into training and education programs and curricula, through research of best practices, supporting doctrinal development, and providing subject matter expertise to Marine leaders and organizations.

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 TitleModified Date
SWC/IWID Charter6/13/2013
IW Capability Based Assessment6/13/2013
Irregular Warfare 1016/19/2013
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